Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for a phone line?

To apply for a phone line in Muscat Oasis Residences you have to contact Omantel ; you can subscribe for the services you need from Omantel’s nearest service counter. You would require your DP No. and lease agreement.

What is my DP No. for telephone application?

Building No. and DP No.

10A Mos – 1B: 10A 004 – 006
9A Mos – 1B: 09A 007 – 009
8A Mos – 1B: 08A 010 – 012
7A Mos – 1B: 07A 013 – 015
6A Mos – 1B: 06A 019 – 021
5A Mos – 1B: 05A 025 – 027
3B Mos – 1B: 03B 016 – 018
2B Mos – 1B: 02B 022 – 024
1A Mos – 1B: 01A 31 – 33
2A Mos – 1B: 02A 34 – 36
3A Mos – 1B: 03A 39 – 37
1B Mos – 1B: 01B 40 – 42
4A Mos – 1B: 04A 43 – 45
11A Mos – 1B: 040 – 042
3D Mos – 1B: 043 – 045
2D Mos – 1B: 052 – 054
1D Mos – 1B: 049 – 051
2C Mos – 1B: 049 – 51
1C Mos – 1B: 038 – 60

I have a problem. How can I get to the management?

You can visit the Property Management Office at Building 2B – Ground Floor
or contact us:

By email :, or
By telephone: 99445952 / 24582558/9

Where is the location of the office & what are your office hours?

Muscat Oasis Residences Property Management Office is located in the 2B building, Ground Floor.

The official working hours are as follows:

Sat-Wed from 8:00am to 1:00pm & 2:00pm to 5:00pm

We are off on Fridays and Saturdays.

What Satellites are available?

All apartments are connected to a centralized Satellite System, the available satellites are :

Insat, Hotbird, Nilesat

To watch paid channels (ART/ORBIT/Showtime); you have to buy the digitial receiver and the subscribtion card and connect it to one of the Satellite points in your apartment.

Electricity & Water?

The electricity & water will be billed by the OIFC.

What if I do not receive my bill?

Incase you do not receive your bill, kindly contact the OIFC (Zakher Mall) or check your bills online

How do I pay my bills?

Pay directly to OIFC or online (

What about the gas supply?

The gas supply is centralized hence no need to worry about gas cylinders.

Are sports allowed in the landscaped garden?

The garden is for everyone to enjoy. Since it is a landscaped garden, sports like Rugby, Football, Cricket etc are not allowed as playing such sports in the garden destroys the plants and the electrical fittings in the area.

Is there any timing for the use of the swimming pools?

The swimming pools can be used from 6:00 am up to 09:30 pm.

Do we have a life guard?

Unfortunately, there is no life guard available at the pool. The pool should be used by the residents and it is their responsibility to ensure their children are accompanied at all times.

Are pets allowed?

Yes. If the tenant is keeping a pet they should make sure their pets do not litter, create a raucous and are kept on a leash when taken out of the premises. Walking the pets within the complex is not permitted. Management reserves the right to request the tenant to remove the pets from the premises should any complaints from other tenants be received.